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4th Dimension

Part 1: 'Permanence’

I - Time, I - Time

Gentle wind, quiet hiss. Dreams are gathering – ‘round the trees
Here they pray. Lives awake. Feel your future – in the air
I have seen this world before. All that was and – so much more to come.
Shadows burn away, life still finds its way.
Those who came, took their throne. Just to wither – on their own.
Silent cries, ancient trace. Fading memory – of your face
No beginning and no end to this. I have all of what you grow to miss.
Ask for favours now, grant your wish somehow
All those rules that I set, just to make you choose
Driving you to despair as I watch you lose
Fear still creeping up right behind your door
Look outside and see nothing there no more
Still believing in worlds beyond the time
Trapped within this reality of mine
I am stillness, here to stay, mine is night and mine is day
Torn and frayed as years go by, my time, my time
Raining cascades wash my face, silver skies are filled with grey
Soaked with guilt that dwells inside, my time, my time
All the laughter, all the pain, what I give belongs to fate
Carried on the angels’ wings, my time, my time
Blooming flowers, windswept fields, all surrender to decay
Faceless ‘till the end of time, my time, my time

Part 2: ‘On the Other Side of Consciousness’

Locked inside my empty prison, I can feel the passing days
Wilful visions still they haunt this place
Paralysed without existence, no expression on my face
One day I will have to leave this space
Now my soul engulfed in void, in some house, with some door
Forced to try and flee before tomorrow
Fires rage across the world, all for me to behold
Light seduces weary eyes in darkness
Sudden flash draws yet so near, out of reach to snap out of my fear
Morning finds me as a child, in the night, old and white
Journey nears its bitter end, so sudden
If perhaps I wake this time, out of shadows, into light
Let it take me far beyond, tomorrow
Angels sleep, dawn arrives, fires burn, taking lives
Shadows creep around me hiding
Doors are shut, heaven cries, mind gives in, reason dies
Helpless words are now subsiding
In the morning I wonder, waking up slowly, is God the time?
When the dreams uninvited take hold of your memory, night is but a blink
Standing by the shoreline I looked at shadows slender and weightless
I realised, that all of the living beings are forever stretched in time
Such relief when you let my days be sweet
When you say living is another way
Such relief when you fill my head with hope
Maybe I still can find a purpose here
Dreams are becoming lost among the emptiness of my own life
Hollow are the long hours when boredom grows restless and yells
I can still feel the misty arms of night caressing my restless body
While hazy idleness slumbers in the kisses of strangers

Part 3: ‘Helpless’

I am travelling with the breeze, changes happen as I please
From wedding bells to farewells
Constant shifting takes its toll, hard to see what came before
Where once stood crowds, now broken crowns
Hear the wind, count your sins, restless as you fail to dream
Say your prayer, if you dare, past will haunt you, unrepaired
Memories flow as years go by, all that was is now consumed by night
Thoughts intensify, head is full of lies
Blood still flows, breathing slows, moon has never seemed so close
Gust of air, now so rare, brings you final touch of care
Helpless in this bitter state, your regrets forever resonate
Flame is all but gone, there is no new dawn
Such relief when you let my days be sweet
When you say living is another way
Such relief when you fill my head with hope
Maybe I still can find a purpose here

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